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Program Overview

We started in 2001 with three local camps, a hundred participants, and the simple goal of getting more women on bikes. In the eighteen years since, we’ve partnered with industry leading sponsors, added in select co-ed weekends, and grown to deliver twenty-eight camps annually throughout Western Canada and the US.

Throughout this time we’ve inspired countless other programs, and in return we've been inspired ourselves -- by the growing interest in professional mountain bike instruction and the exceptional transfer of two-wheeled achievements into day-to-day life. We couldn’t feel more fortunate to effect such positive change, and we look forward to doing it for years to come.

At the Trek Dirt Series you’ll find:

Coaches completely focused on the participant experience. Our staff includes not only an impressive set of sports and education resumes, but also an exceptional ability to teach skills and a true dedication to facilitating progress.

Professional programming. When we’re not delivering camps we’re updating lessons, fine-tuning schedules, and developing resources. We’re taking our experience from over 300 camps and polishing what we provide to make it as organized, comprehensive, and effective as possible.

An incredibly supportive environment. We balance structure with flexibility, combine learning with fun, and build community every chance that we get. We have the industry leading referral rate, and owe it to 15,000 riders who have come through our program, and the thousands of others who’ve believed in this from the start.

If you’re looking to learn new skills, increase your confidence on the bike, or simply enjoy the sport like never before, we’d love to see you at camp.

The Trek Dirt Series isn’t just a weekend. It’s a whole frame of mind, and a key to the best riding experiences one could ever imagine.
— Heidi Allen, Park City camp participant