Fruita, CO

You know how sometimes people say so many amazing things about a place that it's impossible for it to live up to expectations? Well, that could be the case with Fruita, but it's not. In fact, the first time we went there we found that it was not only as fun as we thought it would be, it was even more fun than that.

This year we're going for round nine, and staging it out of the Hot Tomato Café and Over The Edge Sports . Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller, as well as Landon Monholland, are the greatest Fruita resources ever, and super helpful in making the camp a huge success.

In the mornings we start with skill sessions at Little Salt Wash Park, where we tailor the lessons to individual rider levels and dial in all kinds of new techniques. In the afternoons we head out to the trails at the Kokopelli and 18 Mile trailheads, and travel to the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction as well.

The Kokopelli trails have multiple different loops, tons of rock features, technical climbs and descents, and beginner to advanced terrain. A few years ago Anne did a photoshoot with us on Mary's Loop and landed us on the cover of BIKE Magazine. Another shot ended up as National Geographic Adventure's Extreme Photo of the Week. It's a beautiful place.

The 18 Mile Trailhead has smooth and twisty singletrack, great spots to practice cornering and pumping, and amazing ridge riding as well. One day we ran into a bunch of local riders who loop those trails several times a week ... but walk a few sections they can't yet ride. This camp is the cure for that. You'll learn a whole season's worth of skills in just two days.

We added the Grand Junction trails in three years ago, as we often rode there for fun after camp and, well, why not share the joy with everyone else. They offer both smooth and technical options, rocky climbs and descents, switchbacks, open turns, ledges and drops. You’ll find a lot of shots from this area throughout our website too.

Basically, if you want to travel to an incredible destination at exactly the perfect time of year, Fruita fits. If you already live in town and want to ride your home trails smoother and faster and better in general, come see us for that too.


October 5-6Fruita, COClosed
Camp Hosts

The Hot Tomato Café Map

The Hot Tomato Café is offering participants 10% off any food they'd like to purchase on Saturday night, and 10% off custom merchandise too.

Over The Edge SportsMap

If you'd like to reserve a rental bike through Over The Edge, please use their online form or call the shop at 970-858-7220.

Lunch Sponsors: The Hot Tomato Café & Café Sol

Beer Sponsor: New Belgium

Accommodation Information

The best approach for accommodations in Fruita is to do a general online search. We start and end our days at the Hot Tomato Cafe on Mulberry Street, but things are generally so close in Fruita that, in terms of location, you can't really go wrong.

If you want more options and are willing to drive 30 minutes to and from, you could also check out places in Grand Junction.