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Bellingham, WA

There are plenty of reasons why the mountain bike scene in Bellingham has been growing in leaps and bounds. It's got wonderful Pacific Northwest conditions, a positive cycle of local riding stoke, and groups like the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition that make sure there's great access to trails for all levels.

In the mornings we'll run skill sessions at Lake Padden Park, with all the signature features and teaching aids we usually bring along. We'll also incorporate training opporunities at the Whatcom Falls pump track for those who are interested.

In the afternoons we'll head to Galbraith for on-trail coaching and practice. There you'll find smooth climbs and descents, roots, ladder bridges, drops, berms, jumps, and some wonderful rock rolls too.

We were lucky to be able to stop in Bellingham in between some of our other camps and it didn't take much convincing for us to spend full days checking out all the trails. Thanks to that and to some great help from local friends, we're feeling so good about this camp and looking forward to a fantastic weekend. See you there. .



September 7-8 Bellingham, WA Closed
Camp Host

Trek Bicycle Bellingham map

Trek Bicycle Bellingham is offering all participants 10% off new bike purchases, and 15% off apparel, parts, accesories, and service costs on the camp weekend.

They will also provide access to their rental bikes free of charge, as long as appropriate bikes are available on the camp days. Since the specifics of their fleet will be in flux at the time of camp, reservations unfortunately cannot be made in advance.

Lunch Sponsor: Old World Deli

Beer Sponsor: New Belgium

Accommodation Information

The best option for accommodations in Bellingham is to do a general online search. We start and end our days at the shop on Chestnut Street, but things are fairly close in Bellingham, so in terms of location, you can't go too wrong. If want additional local intel, feel free to call the shop, and they'll be happy to help.