Skills Questionnaire Definitions

Bermed Corner
A banked corner, often man made, which enables faster cornering than a non-bermed corner.

Bunny Hop
A more advanced skill where both wheels leave the ground, the front wheel taking off just before the rear wheel, and then landing just before or at the same time as the rear wheel.

A downward sloping surface designed as a landing area for jumps.

A step in the trail too high and/or steep to roll down safely. Natural or man-made, ridden by airing off at higher speed.

Dynamic Riding
Bending and extended the arms and legs to allow the bike to move independently of the rider.

Gap Jump
A type of jump with a smooth upslope and downslope, but with nothing in between. Ridden by taking off from the upslope and landing on the downslope, clearing the "gap'.

Hip Jump
A jump on a corner requiring the rider to land facing a slightly different direction to that of the take off.

Pedaling Wheelie
Lifting and holding the front wheel in the air using body positioning and pedaling.

Using arms, legs, and body weight to generate acceleration from undulating ground without pedaling.

Roll Down
A steep incline or step in the trail, ridden by slowly rolling down the feature with both wheels staying in contact with the ground.

A type of jump with the landing some distance away and lower than the take off, often taken at higher speed than a "drop" in order to reach the landing.

A type of jump with the landing at a higher level than the take off.

A very tight, near 180 degree corner, can be uphill or downhill, usually taken at slow speed, sometimes also called a hairpin turn.

Table Top
A type of jump with a smooth upslope and downslope and a flat top section in between. Ridden by taking off from the upslope and landing on the downslope, ideally without touching the flat top section.

Sometimes known as a see-saw. A long plank supported only in the middle by a fulcrum over which the plank pivots to touch the ground at either end.

Track Stand
Balancing on the bike in a stationary position, usually with the front wheel at an angle.

An advanced jump technique where the rider switches to a parallel line in mid air.

Wall Ride
Essentially a giant berm. Near vertical banking, can be natural (rock or dirt) or man-made (wooden or cement), often taken at higher speed.

Wheelie Drop
A trials-influenced technique for drops. Usually performed at slow speed, using a pedal stroke to lift the front wheel and keep it in the air until the rear wheel leaves the edge of the drop, completed with both wheels landing at the same time or the rear wheel landing first.

A trick that turns the bike sideways in mid air.