Next year's schedule coming January 2011

Program Overview

Building confidence, fueling success, and enriching lives through mountain biking

The Dirt Series is among the most established and highly regarded mountain bike instruction programs in the world.

Starting in 2000 with three local camps and the goal of getting more women excited about the sport, we've since partnered with leading industry sponsors, added in select co-ed weekends, and grown to the point where we present over 20 camps annually throughout Western Canada and the US.

Completely dedicated coaches, professional programming, and an incredibly supportive community have made the program what it is today. Over half of our participants are referred by someone they know, and although the camps are already great, we put our heart and soul into making them even better each day.

For those picking up mountain biking as a new outdoor sport to those breaking through barriers after years of experience, the Dirt Series blends these key ingredients into a legacy of fun, support, energy and success:

  • Coaches who love what they do. Our staff includes not only an impressive set of sports and education resumes, but also an exceptional ability to teach skills and inspire progress.
  • A weekend format that balances structure with flexibility. Between the extensive skill sessions, the instructional rides, and the bike set up and maintenance clinics, riders of every level have the chance to learn, improve, and perfect their technique.
  • The best participants a program could ask for. Whether first timers looking for fundamentals or freeride rippers wanting to dial in advanced skills, our participants come to the camp eager to learn, meet new friends, and make the weekend as amazing as possible.
  • And fantastic sponsors. A quick look at our prices, and a few thoughts on the costs involved in running a professional traveling program, make it quite clear that without their support, we simply wouldn't be able to do things the way that we do.

We are so happy to be able to run the Trek Dirt Series program, and thank you very much for your interest. We definitely hope to see you on the trails this summer.


The Trek Dirt Series isn't just a weekend. It's a whole frame of mind, and a key to the best riding experiences one could ever imagine.

Heidi Allen
Park City camp scholarship recipient