What time does the camp start and where do I meet the group?

Camps start between 8AM and 830AM, depending on the camp location and your demo equipment needs. All camps, with the exception of our Calgary camps, start at the host shop.

We’ll send out an email about ten days pre-camp with additional scheduling information. If you’d like directions earlier, you can click on the map link on your particular camp location page.

What time does the camp end?

On Saturday, the riding ends around 5PM and is then followed by an in store session from about 6 – 730PM.

On Sunday the riding finishes at about 5PM. If you need to get home and don't think that the finish time will allow you to do that, please talk to us in advance so that we can try to accommodate.

The one-day camps are like the Saturday at a weekend camp, with an 8 - 830AM start, a 5PM riding finish, and a shop session following.

How do we get between the host shop, skill site, and riding areas?

In some locations, like Whistler and Mammoth, everything is close together and we simply ride our bikes from spot to spot. However, in most locations, at least some driving is required.

Our pre-camp email, sent about ten days before camp, will include details such as parking and / or driving information for your particular camp location.

If you're at a "driving required" camp, please drive to the host shop and leave your bike in / on your car, so that it is easy for you to then drive on to the skill site once we've finished our morning shop session.

If you don't have access to a vehicle for the weekend, please just get yourself to the host shop in the morning, and we'll set you up to carpool with other participants from then on.

Will the camp still go ahead if it’s raining?

Yes, it will. Barring a natural disaster, we will be out there, ready to have a fantastic time. Take it from past participants, once the skill sessions start, you practically forget it’s even raining. That said, be sure to bring appropriate clothing so that you’re as dry, warm, and comfortable as possible.

Are the co-ed camps still taught by women?

Yes, they are, with some male coaches added in for good measure. Check out their bios in the coaches section.

Do you have any recommendations for lodging on-site?

Yes. We have accommodations partners in many of our camp locations, and include suggestions in the details section for each camp. Access this information by choosing your specific camp from our schedule page, or go up to the locations heading and scroll down to the one that interests you most.

What's the tipping protocol at camp?

We’ll always do the best job we can because we want you to have the best weekend possible. That’s our biggest motivation, but not to say that getting tips isn't also really nice.

If you'd like to leave a tip, please give it to the camp manager or lead hand, or even one of your coaches if that’s easiest for you. We work as a team, with some of us more focused in the background in order to enable all kinds of success in the foreground, so we share the tips we receive.