Additional Instructional Opportunities

Why are your camps focused in the West?

Our program is based in Whistler, BC. We have one truck and trailer, one set of demo equipment, and one set of stunts, and we use all of that to run twenty camps each year.

If we had two sets of everything, we could potentially keep one on the west coast and one on the east. Or if we ran ten camps instead of twenty, we could probably spend the extra time travelling back and forth instead.

Right now, though, we love coaching so much that we don’t want to give up our camp weekends, and so we work on expanding our geographical reach bit by bit. This year we’ll head out to Angel Fire, New Mexico. That’s new for us, and further than we’ve driven before.

We’re all about learning and growing, for our camp participants and for our program too. A broader footprint isn’t out of the question. It just hasn’t happened quite yet.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we do offer private lessons, most often in our home base of Whistler, BC, but also in other camp locations if and when we have coaches available. For more information, please send us a note.