What's the best way to make sure I get a spot in a particular camp?

Registration opens on February 10. We recommend that you register for the camp you’d like to take as soon as you can. Some camps fill up as early as the first week of March.

If the camp you want to attend is full, you can either choose another camp and / or sign up for the wait list for the camp you initially wanted to take. You can access the wait list from the camp schedule. Just click on the link that says full / wait list.

If you register for your second choice camp and end up getting off the wait list for your first, we'll simply get in touch with you and transfer your registration at no cost.

How does the wait list work? What happens once I sign up for it?

Once you register for the wait list, you’ll receive an email and a waitlist confirmation number. If a space opens up, we’ll email you an invitation to register, and give you 24 hours to sign up.

If the camp is over a month away, you will get your own unique invitation. If the camp is sooner than that, your invitation will be shared with a few other people, and the first to accept and sign up will get the spot. Once your registration goes through, you will get another email, this time confirming your spot in the camp.

You will only get an invitation to register from the wait list if a spot becomes available. If you'd like to know where you are positioned on the wait list, please ask. If you receive an invitation to register and you’re no longer interested in attending the camp, please email us back so that we can remove you from the list.

The wait list stays open until the day before the camp. While the ideal is to register when there’s still space available, if you can move quickly and make last minute plans, your chances of getting in are actually quite good.

Do you offer discounts for returning participants?

We don't. About 75% of our camp participants are either return participants or referred by those who have participated before. While it’s wonderful to see people come back and while we love the community feel, discounting these registrations would be very similar to just changing our camp pricing.

We do offer group discounts for groups of six or more, and a fixed number of scholarships for those who couldn’t otherwise afford camp at all. Please email us for more information.

Can I attend camp if I’m under 18 years old?

We have a minimum age limit for a number of reasons.

First of all, each camp day is really long, with skill sessions, rides, and other activities from 8AM to at least 5PM. We do spend lots of time progressing and practicing, but we also incorporate more analytical learning and not quite as much play as you might find in a youth oriented camp.

The majority of Trek Dirt Series participants are between 30 and 45 years old. Some teens are intimidated being in a group with older riders, and visa versa. Also, we find that as people get older they often become more aware of their limits and able to make continually smarter decisions on whether to take a particular risk. It’s nice when the group is at a similar place in this regard too.

We have, however, made exceptions in the past for 15-17 year olds who think that they’d enjoy the type of program we offer, as long as they can attend with an adult who’s willing to ride in the same skill groups as them, and generally look out for them at camp. If you think you’d like us to make this exception for you, please send us a note.