Next year's schedule coming January 2011

Coaches and Guests

The Dirt Series coaching team combines a deep love of the sport with exceptionally responsive and flexible teaching skills.

In our 2015 roster you'll find plenty of competitive accolades, decades of instructional experience and, most importantly, coaches with an unparalleled interest in helping you meet your riding goals.

Coaches and guests are as follows:

  • Silke Ackenheil: Passionate DH rider and kite surfer. Participated in the German Kite Surfing Championships. IKO Kite Surf Instructor. Masters degree in Business management. From Germany, based in Whistler, BC.
  • Tanya Allen: Former New Zealand mountain bike XC team member, amateur downhill and skate-ski competitor, registered dental hygienist, certified in Exercise Science.
  • Audray Ayotte: Avid cross-country mountain biker, and international ski touring enthusiast. Former equestrian competitor and coach, professional ski patroller, and emergency medical responder.
  • Tracey Billett: Freeride and downhill mountain bike dedicate, former national level ski racer, CSCF Level III alpine ski coach, and Physical Education teacher based in Rossland, BC.
  • Caitlin Callaghan: Cross-country and cyclo-cross racer, former gymnastics, soccer and hockey competitor, enthusiastic skate skier and yogi. Registered nurse based in Edmonton, AB.
  • Penny Cameron: Trans Rockies and BC Bike Race finisher, ski and mountain bike pro patroller, avid gardener, chef, and multi-sport athlete based in Whistler, BC.
  • Laurie Citynski: BC and Canada Cup downhill racer, bike shop sales staff, and full-time Kinesiology student. UBC weight lifting club member. Diploma in Human Kinetics.
  • Suzie Clarke: NCCP Level III club coach, former bike industry sales rep, and aspiring PADI dive master. Adaptive snow sports instructor and human resources professional.
  • Penny Deck: Avid North Shore rider, cross-country and downhill racer, and trail builder. Nutrition and Physiology lecturer at Simon Fraser University.
  • Sylvi Fae: Accomplished cross-country and all-mountain rider, single and multi-day guide, yogi, hiker, gardener, and co-owner of Moab Mountain Bike Instruction.
  • Lu Furber: Longtime mountain bike and ski instructor, programmer and administrator. Former ski school director, bike park director, and resort programmer.
  • Tracey Gage: Cross-country and downhill enthusiast, ACMG certified guide, experienced educator and event planner. Bachelor of Education and Wildlife Biology.
  • Kate Gigiel: Recreational cross-country, marathon, and multi-sport racer, former collegiate field hockey player, alternate education teacher and school counselor, with a Masters Degree in Counseling.
  • Emily Johnston: Former pro downhill, 4X and dirt jump competitor. Avid kitesurfer and prone paddler. Currently based in Lahaina, Maui.
  • Jill Kintner: Three-time 4X World Champion, BMX Olympic bronze medalist, professional World Cup DH racer, and Red Bull team athlete from Seattle, WA.
  • Lena Larsson: Dedicated downhill and all-mountain rider, accomplished skier and climber, and former coach with the Swedish Gymnastics Federation. Massage therapist and registered nurse.
  • Sarah Leishman: Pro-elite downhill and enduro racer, factory team rider, and PR and social media specialist. Former ski and mountain bike pro patroller, and international snowboard coach.
  • Janet Liu: Dedicated XC and DH rider, CX competitor, and year round bike commuter; ACMG rock climbing instructor, Kinesiology graduate, and aircraft maintenance engineer.
  • Karen Mann: Pro-elite cross-country, enduro and multi-day stage racer. 2014 BC Bike Race Top 10 finisher, former US collegiate field hockey player, competitive ultra-runner, and registered nurse.
  • Lisa Mason: Pro-elite downhill and slopestyle athlete, and Women's Freeride Movement founder. Certificate in Wilderness Leadership and Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management.
  • Anita Naidu: Dual slalom and slopestyle competitor, and accomplished rock climber. Project engineer, international human development activist, and PHD candidate.
  • Ronia Nash: Dedicated downhill and all-mountain rider, Whistler Bike Park DFX bike guide, and professional snowboard instructor.
  • Emily Neuman: Dedicated all-mountain rider, recreational enduro and cyclo-cross competitor, and mountain bike freelance writer. Digital marketing specialist and program manager based in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Sandy Ostler: Dedicated mountain biker, professional ski instructor, avid windsurfer and mother of four. Masters degree in Recreation Management, based in Hood River, OR.
  • Beth Parsons: Pro-elite downhill racer, photo and video personality, and multi-day event planner. Former professional mountain bike patroller, with a Bachelor of Music Therapy.
  • Pam Reid: Year-round road, cross-country, and downhill rider, Major League soccer player, and bronze medalist at the 2005 World Masters Track and Field Championships. Systems analyst based in Victoria, BC.
  • Kat Robinson: Cross-country rider, top-requested ski instructor, gym instructor, swimming instructor, and Search and Rescue coordinator. Former UK college lecturer.
  • Sam Sedlowsky: Cross-country and downhill enthusiast, enduro racer, and multi-day mountain bike guide. Former professional diver studying and working in Underwater Archaeology.
  • Candace Shadley: Dirt Series founder and director, former Mountain Bike Technical Director, longtime multi-sport athlete and coach, based in Whistler, BC.
  • Schalene Shelly: Avid cross-country and downhill recreationalist, competitor and guide. Microbiologist, herbalist consultant, and acupressure and iridology student.
  • Katrina Strand: Former Canadian downhill team member, and current Enduro World Series competitor. Bachelor of Human Kinetics, certified strength and conditioning specialist at Strand Training.
  • Fiona Sutton: Dedicated downhill rider, WB ski host, and World Cup Luge race director. Civil and mechanical engineer focused on designing adventure, water, and theme parks worldwide.
  • Charlotte Uskoski: Cross-country, endurance, and multi-day racer, professional ski coach, CSIA and CASI examiner, former university level ice hockey player, Bachelor in Human Kinetics.
  • Bonnie Walmsley: Seasoned North Shore mountain biker, accomplished adventure racer, and competitive trail runner. Sport and outdoor event planner, and investment representative.
  • Amy Wantulok: Former pro-elite cross-country racer, state title tennis champion, and bike industry retail manager. Competitive hockey player and certified personal trainer.
  • Johanna Weintrager: Multi-day mountain bike guide, surf instructor, and yoga teacher. Accomplished XC and DH racer, former competitive runner and ski coach, and sports nutrition consultant.
  • Dawn Wieker: Pro-elite cross-country, enduro and downhill racer, former collegiate mountain bike athlete, trail crew leader, EMT, and Montessori school teacher in Grand Junction, CO.
  • Jennifer Wilson: Cross-country and marathon mountain bike athlete, former professional skier and video personality, spin instructor, and middle school teacher in Hood River, OR.
  • And, for co-ed camps ...

  • Evan Choltco-Devlin: Pro-elite downhill racer, bike mechanic, and trail builder. Bike industry design engineer and project manager, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bill Cooper: Accomplished cross-country and downhill athlete, trail crew leader, and brand ambassador. Ski and snowboard instructor, whitewater rescue technician, and riparian restoration specialist.
  • Jason Liebrecht: Avid cross-country and downhill mountain biker, IMBA ICP instructor trainer, adventure motorcycle rider, and Baja 500 podium finisher. Bike mechanic, web developer, and project manager.
  • Martin Newman: Cross-country and downhill racer, former BC Cup DH Masters Champion, club rider leader, professional trail builder and recreational Olympic distance triathlete. Originally from the UK.

Your coaches are approachable, experienced, and knowledgeable. They focus on the fundamental skills at all levels, and are encouraging beyond belief. I've never felt better about a sport in all my life.

Jen Meneses
Calgary and Whistler camp participant